Simon & Dogs

Make My Jay At Broadholme AW(S)

(Silver Good Citizens Award)

Simon & Jay currently compete together in agility. Jay was rehomed to us when he was approximately 4 months old in 2008 as his previous family were struggling to cope.  Although he was sold to them as a Border Collie there is definitely a dash of something else in him as he has a few lurcher like tendencies! Jay has gained his Silver Agility Warrant and competes in Grade 7 which is the highest Kennel Club Grade!

Photograph taken at South Durham Show Easter 2014 by

Ebony Express At Broadholme AW(B)

(Gold Good Citizens Award)

Tyler came to live with us from a local rescue kennels at the age of 8 weeks old in January 2002.  His mom was a Golden Retriever and we presume that dad was a collie.

Tyler reached Grade 6 in agility and retired from full height at 9 1/2 years old.  He then spent a couple of years enjoying veteran courses until retiring completely and living his old age to the full.

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