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Subessen Bit Of A Pickle At Broadholme AW(G) RL1.Ex

(Gold Good Citizens Award)

Pickle is a KC Registered Bearded Collie and came to live with us at 8 weeks old in 2009.  She currently competes in Grade 5 and has her Gold Agility Warrant.  She’s a multi talented beardie and has also competed in Rally Obedience.

Photographs taken at South Durham Show Easter 2014 by

Driving Miss Crazy

Ivy came to live with us through ‘Beardies In Need’ as a puppy in 2013.  She started to compete in Grade 3 part way through 2015 and is loving her agility training and competitions.


Potterdale Running Riot (Bronze Good Citizens Award)

Zoe is the newest addition to our gang.  She is a KC Registered Bearded Collie and was born in April 2015.  She is loving life and enjoying agility foundation training.

Retired Dogs

Butternut At Broadholme (Bronze Good Citizens Award)

Bailey the Welsh Sheepdog was rehomed to us in 2006 when he was approximately 11 months old. We did compete in Grade 3 Agility for a short time but we found that Bailey has a problem with his hips so he retired very early to avoid any injury or pain.  He did train and compete in Canicross with Simon which he loved and partnered Jay in a winning canicross performance.

Bright Spark At Broadholme AW(B) (Gold Good Citizens Award)

Millie was rehomed to us from a local rescue kennel in 2002 at approximately 6 weeks old.  We believe she is a collie x spaniel. Millie made a wonderful first agility dog but sadly her elbows were not built for jumping so when we found out she retired to very low height for a few years then retired early to avoid further impact on her joints and allow her a long happy retirement.

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